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Who can register a .fr domain name ?

7 février 2007 22:22

1 – Who can register a .fr domain name ?

The domain names in .fr and the sub-domains ( .nom.fr, com.fr, asso.fr, etc…) need each one of the specific documentary evidence. Thanks for consulting the price list signatures for knowing the attribution conditions. You can also consult all the details of the naming list defined by the AFNIC (French Association to the Naming Action in Internet in Cooperation).

The AFNIC allows to register an unlimited number of domain names for a same society, now. In this way they can protect all the names that are entailed with its activity, included generic names.

ATTENTION, any domain of the .fr area can be registered while the proper documentary evidence might not be transmitted.

.fr : To the societies or entities with a number SIREN/SIRET (out of the sector domain or the naming conventions) : summary of Kbis or identified in the INSEE directory. A French society can directly register under “.fr” previous presentation of Kbis or the mark deposit. All physical person in titled of a deposited mark in the INPI can also claim a domain name under .fr extension.

.asso.fr : To the associations : a copy of the publication to JO or the receipt of the declaration to the Prefecture or a copy of the INSEE identification ( some associations, however, can be directly registered under “.fr” if its APE code is 911, 912, 80 or 74, they will have to present, obligatory, an identification copy to the INSEE directory).

.nom.fr : To particular people :- which are living in France : Documentary evidence of the address no less than three months (EDR.GDF bill, telephone bill) +documentary evidence about age majority (Identity Card, driver license, residence license)- French ones that live in foreign countries : documentary evidence about age majority and of French nationality (Identity Card and driver license) + documentary evidence of address no less than three months from the country of residence. Syntaxes : patronymic.nom.fr or patronymic-field_free.com.fr (patronymic, user’s name or official pseudonymous) Ex. : martin.nom.fr, martin-jean.nom.fr or martin-levoyageur.nom.fr or martin-levoyageur.nom.fr.

.prd.fr :To projects or investigation and development programs : written presentation of the project with a member list.

.presse.fr :To press institutions : copy of the ISSN document f the National Library.

.tm.fr : To trade marks : registry of the mark previous presentation of the definite certificate INPI or the publishing to BOPI of the registry application (the definite certificate INPI or the identity certificate with the register condition must be given inside the six months).

.com.fr :Free space of documentary evidence on the domain name, but the applicant must justify his identity (he will give the same documents that for the other public domains). The applicant must be French and/ or addressed in France and major of age. The registry is only authorized under « .com.fr » if the domain doesn’t exist under a public domain.

Opening of geographical names to regions and departments. Each department or region can achieve 3 domain names distributed in this way : ONE DIRECTLY UNDER .FR (ex. Alsace.fr and paysdelaloire.fr) TWO OTHERS UNDER the name cg-XXX or crXXX.fr (see naming agreement) To departments or regions that have compound names : acronyms accepted. There isn’t a partial possibly registry of a name (ex. : nord.fr for the northern region of pays de Calais)

ATTENTION : a company won’t be able to obtain the name of a region or a department. These last are priorities. The case of the municipalities will be discussed during the month of December because of the request of the mayor association of France. To take into account : 15 names of regions and departments are also names of municipalities. The domain names must be justifiable along their life by the foreseen documents on the list.

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